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Terms & Conditions

  1. For any confirmed reservations, half of the agreed payment must be settled by the charterer as the deposit. The balance must be paid within 7 days before the launch. If the charterer requests cancellation of the reservation, there would be no refund of the deposit.

  2. The company would consider the launch as cancelled after 2 hours no shows. If there is no further instruction from the charterer, the launch would be regarded cancelled. All agreed payment must also be paid by the charterer. If the charterer requests to return to the destination before the appointed time, no compensation for the remaining time will be given. The extra-hours will also be charged accordingly if the over-time run is not requested before the launch.

  3. The charterer is liable and responsible for exceeding the licensed or agreed number of the passengers in all circumstances and the vessel should only sail within Hong Kong water, otherwise, the coxswain reserves the right not to sail the vessel. The maximum number of hours for motor running for each chartering date is 4.5 hours. The normal number of hours for renting the craft is 8 hours during day-time and 4 hours during night-time before mid-night.

  4. Due to rough weather or security reasons, the coxswain reserves the right to choose a safer route and another destination for boarding. The charterer must board and disembark the vessel at the same pier.  The charterer should also inform the company in advance in case of special arrangement.

  5. The company would count charter time from the time the craft waits upon the charterer (inclusive of such time the craft lines up for embarkation) until the last member of the charter party with the brought equipment has left.

  6. The charterer should make sure all furniture and equipment on board in the best condition.   The charterer will be responsible for any damage caused by any of his party member. All equipment or facilities should be used under any applicable regulation of Hong Kong or the instruction of the person held responsible for the vessel on the date of the launch. The charterer should hold sole responsibility and compensate for all damages if there is any damage or injury caused by the violation of such rules.

  7. If the engine fails before sailing and cannot be repaired before launch the company will inform the charterer as soon as possible. Replacement of another boat will be provided, if no boat is available re-schedule of the charter will be guaranteed within 6 months of the original charter date and catering or/and drinks will be at Charterer cost.

  8. If the engine fails while sailing, the vessel should return immediately by all means. The chartering time will not to be compensated by the company if the charterer has used half of the chartering time or it has already reached the destination. Compensation launch could only be arranger on a weekday.

  9. All vessels are insured according to the law of Hong Kong. The charterer will solely carry the responsibility for the passengers and passenger’s property and neither our company (Agent) nor any of its officers, servants or Agents nor any vessel shall be reliable for any loss or damage to property or loss of life or personal injury whether through negligence or any other cause while on board of any craft or while boarding or disembarking from any vessel or other activity and whenever. Our company will not hold responsibility for any loss or damage but would report those to the Police.

  10. The followings will be applicable in case of typhoon:

    1. The vessel would still set sail if typhoon signal no. 1 or rainstorm red warning is hoisted. There will be no cancellation or postponement even if higher typhoon signal is lowered to typhoon signal no.1 or rainstorm black warning is lowered to rainstorm red warning two hours before the appointed departure time. When the charterer requests to postpone the launch, the re-scheduled launch would only be on a weekday no matter the original departure date is on a weekday or a weekend. The charterer is also advised to keep close contact with our company.

    2. If typhoon signal no. 3 or higher is hoisted while sailing, the coxswain could choose to sail the vessel back to the closest pier according to the Marine Ordinance and Safety. Under no circumstances should compensation be given in such situations.

    3. If typhoon signal no. 3 or rainstorm black warning is hoisted at seven o’clock on the morning or before launch, the charterer will postpone the schedules launched on that day. If refund is requested, our company will return 50%of the total rental amount.

    4. If the departure date is re-scheduled due to typhoon signal no. 3 or higher is hoisted, the postponed itinerary would still be rescheduled on a weekday within the same year if the original launch date is on a weekday. In case the original date of the scheduled itinerary is on a Sunday, public holiday or on a Saturday, the re-scheduled date would be on any non-public holiday or a week day or the same kind of date after September in the same year. All documents should be sent to the company for date changing within one week, the company will consider the launch cancelled for any delay and the payment is non-refundable.

    5. If the craft cannot reach the appointed boarding pier, the charterer should board from the suggested pier. Our company will only compensate all the traveling expenses between the appointed and suggested pier.

  11. When boating cancellation or postponement occurs, our company will cancel reservations of refreshment. However, if the catering company has already prepared the refreshments then cancellation is not possible, the charterer will need to collect all the provisions at the appointed time and place and settle the payments accordingly.


       Our company holds the principles of sincerity, handling different kinds of issues with great care in order to meet the needs of our customers.        


       We observe the law of Hong Kong and provide customers with the safest routes for their travel.

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