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Boat Cruise Package

HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club
HK Boat Club

Our package aim to offer convenient to a group of friends,family,colleagues or clients getting together and don't have time to organise an event but who like to enjoy a good fun day out in the sea. 
Birthday party,Friend gathering,Harbour cruise and Geo tour are all welcome.

HK$800/person (Weekends and Holidays)

Min. 25 people, Max.50 people

HK$620/person (Weekdays)

Min. 20 people,Max. 50 people


10:30am-5:30pm or 7:00pm-11:00pm

-Junk Boat

  • An upper deck

  • Lower deck

  • Sun deck

  • Air Conditioning

  • Standard sound system that plays iPod and Mobile.

  • A captain and a boat crew will be on board

-8 Dishes Fusion Buffet (please contact for menu)

-Drinks (included selection of white, red    Wines, Sparkling Wine, beers , Vodka, Gin,Coke, Coke Zero, 7 up, ginger beer, soda  water, tonic water,orange and apple juice)


-Pick up (All Public Piers)

-Destination (HK Island,Lamma Island,Sai Kung etc)

 Optional Features:

-Speedboat with Banana boat and        Wakeboard 

-Inflatable Slide and Toys

 (Please contact for quotation)

-Remote Area Pick Up

 (please contact for additional fees)

-Remote Destination e.g. Tai Long Wan

 (please contact for additional fees)

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